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Tapahtumapalvelu Salpasafarit Oy
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Lappeenranta, Saimaa Gardens - Rauha

Renting Office open thursday - saturday 11:00 - 17:00
Other time call
+358 400 170350

Restaurant Rauhanranta is open everyday

Joni Vesanen +358 400 596 435

Project and sales
Petri Parkko +358400 585 358

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Into to the Wild, with a guide

Guided hiking trips to Kaldoavi wilderness in Lapland

Have you ever dreamed of hiking in the middle of nowhere, far from all civilization, hearing nothing but nature in its purest form? If yes this trip is for you and gives you a relaxation you have never felt before.

We arrange guided hiking trips to Kaldoavi wilderness in the very northern part of Lapland. The routes will be specified according to the experience on participants. The trip lasts total of 8 days from which 2 days are spent on travel (startin from southern finland)

You need no experience to join our trips, but you will gain a lot :) Yuo need only your clothes suited for outdoor activity, and a backpack (size 60 liters +) We will provide you all the other gear you need. We can also provide you with backpacks and clothes for extra costs.

The best time to go is late august early september, but we arrange the trip when ever needed.

Ask for more details: Joni +358 400 596 435
or: sales@salpasafarit.fi

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