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Salpasafarit - events, safaries & adventures
South-East Finland

Tapahtumapalvelu Salpasafarit Oy
(Events Service Salpasafarit ltd)

Lappeenranta, Saimaa Gardens - Rauha

Renting Office open thursday - saturday 11:00 - 17:00
Other time call
+358 400 170350

Restaurant Rauhanranta is open everyday

Joni Vesanen +358 400 596 435

Project and sales
Petri Parkko +358400 585 358

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ATV Safaries Saimaa Gardens / Holiday Club Saimaa and in Naulapää farm

Extensive trails atv safari in the Finnish woods. Suits and helmets for everyone.

Info, and then we go with a guide to find the challenges

1. ATV-safari in Saimaa Gardens area €80 / person
duration 45-60minutes

2. Longer safari in the same area €130 / person

In the same area you can also:

Take a hovercraft tour on the lake,

Rent our Saunas on the shore of the lake,

We also provide a catering service,

Saimaa Gardens area is located 30 km from Lappeenranta Airport where Ryanair flies and airBaltic.

Many types of accommodation, meals and other activities.

3. Challenging Salpaline-safari in Luumäki

Start and return from Naulapää farm. Challenging routes, visit to the wartime fortification line and bunkers.

price: 195€ / person

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